Here is how I started this whole financial wellness stuff… I am a third generation tax preparer and bookkeeper. I started in this business when I was around oh I don’t know… in the womb. I really started doing small stuff for my mom when I was maybe ten years old. She had me file all of her clients copies of their taxes because back then there weren’t hard drives to copy them to. It was torture. Once I hit 15 years old my mom had me doing payroll for some of her clients. I turned 18 and she started teaching me how to do taxes. Oh man was that scary. I was terrified. I did not know how to talk to people. I was this serious faced little girl who had major issues with opening up and trying to relate to other humans. It wasn’t working out so I ended up getting a job doing medical billing. Right? Medical billing? It paid for my bills and partying so I didn’t care. I was good at it and it was an 8-5pm job with set hours plus I didn’t have to work on the weekends so that was what sold me. I HAD to keep my weekends open so I could drink.

While I was at this job I acquired some credit card debt because I was young and dumb and thought getting a credit card was the coolest thing and it got me that much closer to being an actual real adult. I was really upset about the payments I was having to make each month so I decided to start saving to just pay the whole thing off. I have always been really goal driven. If I give myself a goal I know I’m about to conquer the shit out of it. It took me about 6 months to save all the money and then I paid it off. THAT was the greatest feeling ever and it eliminated a bill that was making it really hard for me to buy beer for my weekends. Priorities right? I mean thinking about it now, I was really smart and didn’t even realize it haha. I paid off my debt just so I could drink. This is a not-so-great reason to pay off my debt but I still accomplished saving $2,000 in 6 months with a minimum wage job. Goal driven.

After I left home for the big city, I then acquired more debt in the amount of about $20,000 for my student loan. A few months after I started school I turned 21 and I was able to receive money from a trust my grandparents set up for me. Did I use it to pay for my student loans you ask? Nope. I used it to party. By the time I had spend half of the money I realized maybe I should have paid off my debt with it. So I put the remainder of my trust money towards my student loan. See, I made good money moves and I was only 21! It has always come very naturally to me to do strategic money moves. I know what to do but that doesn’t always mean I did what I was supposed to.

I was 27 and the shift manager at Panera Bread and I was also doing taxes during tax season for extra cash when my husband asked me if this is what I really wanted to be doing. We had a baby on the way and I was making more money doing taxes on the side than I did working at Panera. I needed to reevaluate my whole life at this point. I am a very habit, routine, type A personality so I dislike change. I need everything to be in its place at all times. This was the point I began learning how to adapt to new situations. It was and still is a struggle for me. I quite my job that I had given 3 years and 150% of my heart to. It was the scariest thing I had ever done. The unknown is a scary place. I became self-employed.

I completed my first tax season and had my first baby. Life was great. I then started picking up bookkeeping clients because I can do book work in my sleep so it was easy money. I never realized the change I make in peoples lives by just handling their finances. I had quite a few clients and I was gearing up for getting certified to do taxes the following year. I was about to be official. Tax season 2018 was when I really started connecting the dots. I was seeing end goals for myself and adding on new services to my business. I was thriving. Then I got pregnant again. My hormones were next level shit plus morning sickness. I was not putting too much energy into my business at that point. I had a decent clientele base and I was totally surviving each month. My husband was a full time student so funds were limited but we were fine.

Fine started to not be okay for me anymore. I was more interested in great, amazing, thriving, rich, set up, emergency funds, stuff like that. I wanted more. I had my second daughter and I couldn’t get out of my head. My OCD was unstoppable. I was moody, hormonal, angry, not so much fun to be around. I signed up with this lifestyle transformation coach because I was at a loss for direction. I felt overwhelmed by my feelings/emotions, body image not being where I wanted to be, my business that had so much potential, my family growing, my marriage changing and growing. It was a lot. At least that’s what I thought. I never knew the possibilities that were out there. I never knew I could get to the point I am at even now. My lifestyle coach has changed my view on life, myself, my business, my family. I am forever grateful to her and the fact that I had the balls to use all my savings on that program.

Investing in yourself is what that is called. I invested the shit out of myself. I want to be the best version of myself not only for myself but for my family and the people I surround myself with. That is call a “Why” statement. It turned my way of thinking around. When ever I would have a bad day I would look at my “why” statement and get it together. It seems as though it always takes me a long time to get it together and figure things out but every time I do its freaking amazing. The universe has a plan and it only invites new and exciting things into my life when I am ready. I now do financial wellness coaching for people who need help creating a budget or figuring out where their money goes each month. I also help people create better habits and routines around their finances. Finances connect to EVERYTHING. If you are broke, no social events for you. If you are broke, no sleep for you. If you are broke, do you have motivation to do a great job at work? Everything is connected. When I feel like I have less money saved than I would like I always get this throw up feeling in my stomach like okay I need to start thinking outside the box and generate more income.

Basically, just like my marriage, this too was a long drawn out process to get me to where I am currently. I have a lot of growing and learning to do and I have even larger goals now. I started out thinking I couldn’t do it all. That I couldn’t possibly have a thriving business where I can help people and love what I do. I am here yall! I have accomplished what I set out to do and now I have more goals. More things I’m doing. I have learned how to prioritize my schedule so I can maximize my time at work or at home. Efficiency is key to a great lifestyle. Financial wellness is also key to a great lifestyle.

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