Master Bedroom: a principal bedroom in a house or apartment, usually the largest, typically occupied by the person or persons who head the household.

I started really wanting to redecorate our bedroom about a year ago. I had acquired new decor and I wanted a whole new vibe. Me and my husband were using my great-grandmothers dresser that I’ve had for more than a decade. Every time I would walk by it I would think to myself, “What, am I 12? Why am I still using this dresser? There is literally no room for our dresser items”. I then set my goals to redo my bedroom and make it my place to relax.

Cluttered Hot Mess (Before)

I had to set goals for this because I wanted to purchase a new dresser (#1 priority), picture frames, new pictures, new art, and some cute little decorative stuff here and there. I purchased certain items when I felt comfortable with it over the span of a few months. I am on top of my budget so I know when its okay or not ideal to purchase anything major.

It took me about a month to actually get an idea of what the vibe would be. Then, it took about 6 months going back and forth with myself over which dresser would match close enough with my night stands. I bought my picture frames and shelving on Amazon and I ordered my pictures from Costco. Everything was relatively cheap.

When I received some gifts for my birthday, I put them on the shelves along with two fowl balls Chris caught one from AT&T Park (which was the same day Chris and I became Facebook Official) and the other being from Fenway Park (He’s an avid Boston Fan). The main purchase was, the dresser on sale over Black Friday at and it is perfect! It matches and it was affordable!

Simple. (After)

I hung up all of our photos from the places we have traveled together; a map of the world and a painting of Buddha. Just looking at this wall gets me excited to travel with my family again. That painting makes me feel things so I really enjoy the decorative choices I made.

I love how everything turned out and it makes me feel at peace when I am in here. I also really love that I purchased everything at really affordable prices to ensure I met my financial goal. I am currently writing this blog post in my room because it makes me feel centered. I have a little more work to do on this project over time. Changing pictures out and adding new ones. It’s all about ambiance. Good Vibes Only.

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