Self-love was never a priority of mine. I am a mom of two, wife of one, and an owner of a bookkeeping/tax prep/financial coaching business that is in full swing growing like crazy. Even before I was married and had my two wildlings, I never put too much thought into Self-Love. I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE pedicures, face masks and essential oils just like the rest of all human kind but I just never thought that reading in a silent room, doing what I WANT instead of what I NEED to do, creating a morning routine, or doing yoga and meditating was a thing that would help me be the best version of myself.

I started working with a lifestyle transformation coach in July of 2019 and things just started happening. Its crazy what happens when you invest in yourself and put those good vibes into the universe. It’s like magic. I thought that hiring a lifestyle coach was just going to be about working out and nutrition, but this woman has given me the gift of sight. She has led me to the water, and I am about to drink it all. Before I jumped WAY out of my comfort zone and hired a professional, I felt like I had zero time for me, not enough hours in the day and I was just straight CRAZY. I now do more than I ever imagined. It turns out it has a lot to do with prioritizing your time. Utilizing every minute of your day while also incorporating your mindset. A positive mindset is a game changer.

Since July, I have incorporated so many new things into my already abundantly full life. I have added yoga 5 times a week, self-care Sunday, meditation, journaling, a morning routine, and reading. I even signed up for a half marathon and I am about to start training for that! Bottom line, self-care or self-love is one of the most important things to me now. I did not realize that self-love means showing up for myself everyday and putting my needs before other things that may not be worth my time worrying about. Prioritizing my self-love has made me more aware of the energy I bring to the table and how I interact with my family. If I don’t make time for myself, I’m most likely not going to be the shining glittery vibrant unicorn of a human I normally am.

Here are some tips on how to get it together so you can show up for yourself…

  1. Morning routine
  2. Calendar app for the whole family
  3. Reminders for events or tasks for the day
  4. Dare I say, a planner (High Performance Planner via Brenden Burchard)
  5. Nighttime routine
  6. Good night’s sleep

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